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AZ Free overnight Water slide rentals

Water Slide Rentals AZ, Bounce house Rentals AZ, Event Rentals AZ, Arizona Event Rentals, Az Water Slide Rentals, Brinca Brinca - Bounce then Slide

az Water slide rentals

Water slide rentals AZ | water slide rentals for adults.

Party rentals AZ, Gilbert, Chandler, Mesa, Scottsdale, Tempe, Peoria, Goodyear. Best Water slide rentals in phoenix!

AZ Bounce house rentals

Bounce house rentals AZ!

Event rentals - Zip Line rentals, Obstacle course, Rock walls, boxing ring, tent, mechanical bull, Rentals

AZ Tent Table Chair Rentals

AZ Wedding rentals

 AZ Wedding rental companies in Phoenix, Arizona, offer a range of services from design to set up, deliveries, and breakdown. Let us help you with your Tent rentals, Table and chair rentals, White wedding bounce house rentals, Dance floor rentals, Portable restroom rentals and more. We also offer back drops and props for photography!  Make your wedding a memorable one. 

AZ Foam machine rentals

AZ Foam machine rentals.
Best foam machines in AZ!

AZ Extreme Game Truck rentals

AZ Game truck rentals.
Best Game trailer rentals in AZ!

What you need to Know about our rentals!

Rental Time:

Unlimited (Keep all day and all night, we pick up next morning). We do NOT Guarantee exact 24 hours rentals (it is possible you will have shorter or longer then 24 hours depends on our routs. ( you can add a 2nd day for half the price of first day!) az water slide rentals bounce house rentals az party rentals AZ Gilbert Chandler Phoenix Scottsdale Tempe Peoria

Additional potential costs

Where do we deliver & Fee's

Phoenix Free, Glendale Free, Peoria $0-$80,  Chandler $40, Flagstaff $1100, Prescott $800, Maricopa $200, Buckeye $85, Indian Reservations $65-120 For a list of all city delivery costs click here

az Water slide Summer specials

$50 Off our 20Ft Dolphin Twins water slide

Get $50 off our wet 20 Ft double lane dolphins. expires June 20th.  Call to place this order. Party must be in month of June 2022

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bounce house rentals az

Arizona Party Rentals

"Bounce Then
Slide" AZ party rentals

 AZ water slide rentals and Phoenix bounce house rentals AZ. Check out our big water slide inflatable Tsunami 40 ft water slide rentals. Best Obstacle course rentals. Double lane adult slip and slide rental. Inflatable water slides for adults rental. Brinca Brinca Water slide bounce house rentals near me Phoenix, Gilbert, Chandler.

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From: Lin H. (review about our Bounce house rentals)

Everything about this experience was amazing. Their customer service is superior. Their prices are affordable and their bounce houses are out of this world.
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Arizona Waterslide rentals in phoenix

AZ Waterslide rentals in Phoenix

AZ WaterSlide Rentals in phoenix is a great way to entertain guests and Family at your next party or event. We work with our customers to ensure the best possible event that will be safe and Unforgettable. Some of our customers include phoenix coyotes, Phoenix suns, NFL Yet, The University of Arizona, City of Phoenix, City of Maricopa, Fry’s Food Stores, 7-Eleven, Mentor Kids USA, Ugly Pools, Boys and Girls club, Farmers insurance, Honeywell, many churches and schools as well as our everyday mom and dad who rent from us for their home parties.

From our Water Slide Rentals in Phoenix to bounce house rentals and concession rentals. We have it all including tables, chairs, tents and more. We make it our Goal to make all our customers party’s and events run smooth, safe and fun. Corporate Events or party for team building is our specialty. We all work too hard and don’t take the time to play as much as we should. Water Slide Rental in Phoenix also known as Bounce Then Slide can assure you that receive top service and amazing equipment. Kids, teens, and Adults love our waterslide rentals. Teen’s love our 22 ft Artic slide and 27 ft T-Rex Water slides. Whatever your needs for sure we have you covered. Scottsdale, Peoria, Mesa, Tempe. Party rentals AZ Welcome to one of the Best event rentals and party rental company in Arizona! We offer FREE overnight rentals so you get max time with your inflatables, tents, tables, chairs and other equipment rentals. Gilbert Chandler az water slide rentals bounce house rentals az party rentals AZ Phoenix.

We offer all kind of Brinca Brinca rentals in Phoenix, AZ.

See videos on our YouTube channel @ https://www.youtube.com/chan

AZ Water slide rentals |Bounce house rentals AZ

Know also as Bounce House rentals AZ we offer AZ Water Slide Rentals in Arizona. In need of water slide rentals for Adults? We have waterslides to rent. Looking for bounce houses to rent near me. We offer AZ party rentals and bounce house rentals AZ. Check out our new 40 ft water slide. We also provide table and chair rentals. With so many different types of inflatables for rent, it can be hard to know which inflatable slides will be the perfect fit for your next party or event. Here at Bounce Then Slide AZ, we pride ourselves in having the best water slide rentals AZ. We offer water slides for all ages. We have some of Arizona’s Tallest water slides including our 40ft Tsunami with Slip and slide and 42 ft Screamer with extended pools!
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Phoenix Bounce house rentals

AZ Waterslide rentals in Phoenix

Phoenix Bounce house rentals

Bounce house rentals in Phoenix have become a favorite attraction at parties, corporate events, school functions, and church festivals. AZ Bounce then slide party rentals and event rentals has Arizona’s newest and largest inventory of bounce house rentals in Phoenix. We Clean and Sanitize after EVERY rental. Unlike 90% of all the other companies we have been cleaning and sanitizing our equipment for over 12 Year after ever rental Long before covid was ever a problem! We vacuum out the inflatable, spray cleaner and hand wipe down the inflatable. After unit has been cleaned, we then spray sanitizing solution and again hand wipe down the inside and entrance including any stairways. Also, our staff Does carry on them sanitizing solution and clean rags to wipe out the inflatable again if requested! For over 12 Years we have prided our-self’s offering the cleanest equipment in the industry! Booking online with us is extremely easy to do. If your party is at a park, please add park delivery for $75 to your online order and don’t forget to get a generator. Before renting you may want to ask the company if they clean and sanitize the inflatable bounce houses or water slides after every rental. Asking about hidden fee’s such as delivery costs, cleaning fee’s, set up charges, cost for additional time, how early before your event will the rental company deliver. Safety: typically if winds are 15 mph or more you should get everyone off the inflatable and turn off the blower that inflates the inflatable. If renting a water inflatable you should not play or slide on the inflatable until the pool is half way full with water or more. Ask the rental company for a list of the rule for the inflatable your renting. Always follow instructions printed on the front of the inflatable. Never let dogs inside an inflatable, they can brake there paw nails and is painful for the dog. Tips: Don’t use silly string around your bounce house or inflatable water slide, silly string acts like an acid and burns holes in the vinyl. Bounce house rentals are very fun if you follow the rules. We are known as Bounce house rentals AZ and Water slide rentals AZ.
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AZ Party rentals

Bounce Then Slide a house rental company in Phoenix, AZ know as “Bounce Then Slide Party Rentals” https://bouncethenslide.com/ Bounce Then Slide a Party rental company in Phoenix, AZ offers inflatable bounce house rentals and Water slide rentals. Find obstacle course rentals, wedding table and chair rentals, tent rentals, Portable restroom rentals, Dance floor rentals and more with us. We also offer adult bounce houses and adult water bounce house rentals. We clean after every use our party rentals equipment.

AZ water slide rentals & Bounce house rental

Arizona Water slide and "Bounce house rentals AZ"

AZ Water slide rentals & Bounce house rentals AZ. Best deal’s and Lowest prices for New, Clean, Sanitized inflatable rentals here! Kids and Adults love playing, jumping and sliding on inflatable bounce house rentals, slides, obstacle course rentals, bungee runs and other amusement rides. Call us today with any questions and Speak to a live customer service rep not a pre-recorded answering service. We offer First Class customer service along with some of the safest and cleanest bounce houses, obstacle course, dunk tanks, Mechanical bulls, rock walls, slides and amusement rides. party rentals AZ Gilbert Chandler Phoenix Scottsdale Tempe Peoria

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event rentals and inflatables party rentals!

AZ bounce house rentals.

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Here are some Zip codes we deliver to: 85142, 85383, 85295, 85338, 85286, 85340, 85018, 85016, 85295, 85286, 85251, 85260, 85383, 85012, 85013, 85014, 85016, 85020, 85021, 85024, 85028, 85050, 85054, 85225 85233, 85234, 85253, 85254, 85255, 85259, 85260, 85286, 85295, 85296 85297, 85310 , 85297, 85212, 85249, 85254, 85298, 85233, 85050, 85086, 85388, 85255, 85048, 85310, 85331, 85083, 85395, 85355, 85028, 85284, 85259, 85253,

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Bounce house rentals in Phoenix

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