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AZ Table Chair rentals

AZ Table Chair rentals tent rentals az

Tent, Table & Chair rentals

Tent, Table and chair rentals

We offer all various kinds of Table Chair and Tent for your big day. 

Over the years Bounce then slide is helping organize big party/functions by providing our excelent services through wedding rentals, event Rentals AZ, Party Rentals and so on. 

With excellent service, we make sure you remember and cherish your precious day forever and ever. 

Tent rentals AZ

20 x 20 $30 (fits 4-6 tables 20-24 chairs)
20 x 40 $550 (fits 8-12 Tables 60-72 chairs)
20 x 60 $800 (fits 12-18 Tables 72-108 Chairs)
20 x 80 $900 ( fits 16-24 Tables 96-144 Chairs)

Table and chair rentals AZ

Fold out 6ft tables

qtq 19 AZ Table Chair rentals
6ft strait table
seats 6 per table
$10 per table

Round Tables

qtq 19 1 AZ Table Chair rentals
Round Plastic Table rentals.
seats 8 per table
$15 per table

Wedding Farm style Tables

qtq 19 2 AZ Table Chair rentals
Wedding sometimes require an extra touch or out of the norm items such as this Farm style Wood Table. This table will sit 8 people.
$75 per Table

Fold out Beige chairs

qtq 19 3 AZ Table Chair rentals

Beige chair rentals

holds 280 Lbs per chair

$2.50 per chair.

Fold out White Wedding chairs

qtq 19 4 AZ Table Chair rentals
White wedding chairs.
Holds 280 LBS per chair
$3.00 per chair

Kids tables and chairs

qtq 19 5 AZ Table Chair rentals
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