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22 ft water slide Patriot double lane Rentals

Original price was: $550.00.Current price is: $475.00.

Experience excitement with our 22 ft Water Slide Patriot Double Lane Rental! Ideal for adults, this inflatable features two lanes for thrilling races. The front-load design ensures cleaner water and easy access. Voted Arizona’s top water slide rental for ages 5+. Available in various locations including Phoenix, Gilbert, and more.

Experience Thrilling Water Adventures with the 22 ft Patriot Double Lane Water Slide:
22 ft water slide Patriot double lane Rentals in AZ

Prepare to embark on an unforgettable aquatic journey filled with exhilaration and laughter with our 22 ft Patriot Double Lane Waterslide. Standing at an impressive 22 feet tall, this adult-sized water slide promises non-stop excitement and friendly competition, making it the perfect addition to your upcoming event.

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Race to Victory: The Patriot Double Lane Waterslide is designed to elevate the fun factor to the max. With its double lanes, you and your friends or family can engage in thrilling races down the slide, testing your speed and agility as you zip through the twists and turns. Whether you’re challenging your best friend, sibling, or co-worker, this water slide guarantees an adrenaline-pumping adventure that will leave you all with unforgettable memories.

Unleash Playful Competition: Beyond the excitement of racing, the double lane setup also allows you to create a dynamic play area where big kids and small kids can enjoy the slide simultaneously, fostering a sense of playful competition and camaraderie. You’ll witness pure joy as kids and adults alike take turns racing down the lanes, splashing into the refreshing pool below.

Front-Load Convenience: What sets the Patriot Double Lane Waterslide apart is its front-load design. Once riders enter the pool area, they can remain inside without having to exit, ensuring that the water stays cleaner for a longer period. The innovative design enhances the overall experience, allowing you to maximize your time enjoying the slide and the water.

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Easy Access Stairs: Navigating the Patriot Double Lane Waterslide is a breeze thanks to the strategically positioned access stairs within the pool area. Climb up the stairs and get ready to make a splash as you take the plunge down the thrilling slide, adding an extra layer of convenience and excitement to your adventure.

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Reserve Your Aquatic Adventure: Don’t miss out on the chance to infuse your event with the electrifying spirit of the 22 ft Patriot Double Lane Waterslide. Whether you’re hosting a birthday party, a corporate gathering, or a community event, this water slide is sure to be the highlight, delivering hours of fun and excitement for all.

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22 ft water slide Patriot double lane Rentals in phoenix, scottsdale, chandler, mesa gilbert, arizona, az22 ft water slide Patriot double lane Rentals
Original price was: $550.00.Current price is: $475.00.