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22 ft Blue Crush water slide Double Lane Rental

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Book Our 22 ft Blue Crush Water Slide Double Lane Rental! Perfect for ages 5+. Enjoy all day and overnight. Rent in Phoenix, Gilbert, and more in AZ.

Introducing the 22 ft Blue Crush Double Lane Water Slide Rental – a pinnacle of aquatic thrill, echoing the excitement synonymous with the blue crush water slide lineage. Meticulously crafted and standing tall at 22 feet, this water slide, reminiscent of the 27 blue crush water slide, spans across dimensions of L40 x W20 x H22, promising non-stop excitement akin to the big blue crush water slide.

Dive into the exhilarating rush of the blue crush inflatable water slide, offering two racing lanes reminiscent of the blue crush dual lane water slide. This set-up challenges every adventurer to an epic race to the bottom. As you experience the thrill, be reminded of the pulse of the blue crush tsunami water slide. Perfect for adventurers aged 5 and above, this isn’t just another blue crush 2 water slide – it’s a heart-pounding aquatic escapade.

The freedom of an all-day and overnight rental ensures that the energy of the blue crush large inflatable water slides lasts beyond sundown. As night falls, this slide transforms into an enchanting beacon, resonating with the allure of the 22′ blue crush water slide, and captivating every heart present.

Scouring Arizona for the blue crush water slide rental near me? Our Blue Crush Double Lane is available across various locations, from Phoenix to Mesa. With the blue crush water slide dimensions designed for maximum thrill, memories are just a splash away.

Whether it’s a blue crush water slide hire for a day or the fascination of the mega blue crush water slide, your gathering is set to become legendary. Ready to transform your event? Dive in, reserve the 22 ft blue crush water slide hose equipped slide, and let the symphony of laughter and splashes script your day. Dive headfirst into a world of aquatic wonders and revel in waves of unmatched fun.


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22 ft Blue Crush water slide Double Lane Rental in Phoenix, Arizona22 ft Blue Crush water slide Double Lane Rental
Original price was: $650.00.Current price is: $0.00.